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I am a Covered Person

“Covered Persons”

Covered persons are individuals who are subject to all or parts of the State Government Ethics Act (N.C.G.S. 138A), including:

Legislative employees are not considered “covered persons.” However, legislative employees are subject to parts of the State Government Ethics Act.

Click here for a list of the names of covered persons and legislative employees.

Code of Conduct

Following is a general “Code of Conduct” for covered persons. Not all covered persons are subject to all parts of the Code of Conduct. If you are unsure which of the following apply to you, please contact the State Ethics Commission. Generally, covered persons must:

  • File a Statement of Economic Interest (“SEI”)
  • Attend Ethics & Lobbying Education Presentations
  • Monitor & avoid conflicts of interest
  • Report certain out-of-state gifts & “scholarships”

Generally, covered persons are prohibited from:

  • Using their public position for private gain
  • Engaging in a Quid Pro Quo
  • Accepting “gifts” from certain individuals, including lobbyists & lobbyist principals
  • Accepting additional compensation for performing public duties
  • Accepting honoraria
  • Hiring & supervising family members

Advice & Advisory Opinions

You may request informal advice from Commission staff or a formal advisory opinion from the Commission on the meaning and application of and your compliance with the State Government Ethics Act. For additional information on requesting advice or an advisory opinion, click here.

Additional Information

Since different standards may apply depending upon your public position, you should contact the State Ethics Commission at (919) 715-2071 or by e-mail at if you have any questions. Additional information may also be found on this Web site by clicking the following: