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I am a Lobbyist or a Lobbyist Principal

Registration and Identification Requirements

  • Before lobbying or within one business day of engaging in lobbying for payment, a lobbyist is required to file a registration statement with the Secretary of State. A lobbyist principal must also file a written authorization with the Secretary of State that authorizes a lobbyist to represent the principal within 20 business days after the date the lobbyist registers.
  • Prior to lobbying a “designated individual” (public servants, legislators, and legislative employees), lobbyists must identify themselves and their principal.

Prohibitions and Restrictions

Lobbyists and/or lobbyist principals are prohibited from:

  • Gift Ban. Giving a gift directly or indirectly to a designated individual, unless allowed by a gift ban exception.
  • Contingency Fee Payment Prohibited. Accepting payment for lobbying services contingent upon the result or outcome of any legislative or executive action.
  • Election Influence Prohibited. Attempting to influence an action of a designated individual with the promise or threat of financial support of, or in opposition to his or her candidacy.
  • Lobbyist Campaign Activities. Lobbyists are also prohibited from making campaign contributions to members or candidates for the Council of State or General Assembly, “bundling” those contributions, and serving as a Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer for those members or candidates. Contact the State Board of Elections for further information.

Reporting Requirements

  • Quarterly Reportable Expenditure Report. A lobbyist is required to file a quarterly reportable expenditure report under oath with the Secretary of State for each lobbyist principal he or she represents. A lobbyist principal is also required to file a quarterly reportable expenditure report with the Secretary of State.
  • Monthly Reportable Expenditure Report. In addition to the quarterly reports, a lobbyist or lobbyist principal that incurs reportable expenditures with respect to lobbying legislators and legislative employees in any month the General Assembly is in session must file a monthly reportable expenditure report.
  • Listing of Expenditures. A lobbyist and a lobbyist principal is required to report each of the following on expenditure reports filed with the Secretary of State:

Annual Reporting of Payments for Lobbying and Lobbying Services

A lobbyist principal is also required to annually report:

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