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SEI Instructions & Form

Welcome to the State Ethics Commission’s Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) Web Page.
SEI Forms: For 2017, the following SEI forms are available:
  1. 2017 Long Form. If there are changes since your 2016 SEI filing or if you are a first time filer, you must file the 2017 Long Form.
  2. 2017 No Change Form. If you filed a 2016 SEI with the State Ethics Commission and you have no changes from your 2016 SEI filing, you may file a 2017 No Change Form.
Filing Options: For 2017, filers have 2 filing options:
  1. Manual. Filers can print out a blank hard copy, complete the form by hand, sign and mail or hand deliver the original completed form to the Commission.
  2. Electronic Filing. Filers can obtain an NCID, complete and submit the form to the Commission online.

Electronic Filing

Type your responses and file your SEI electronically. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND ELECTRONIC FILING. It’s fast, easy, ensures immediate confirmation of your filing, and saves your information for future filings.

Manual Filing

Print PDF document and handwrite your responses and mail or hand deliver your SEI.

You MUST complete the ENTIRE form or you will be asked to re-file!! Do not leave answers blank!

2017 No Change Form